Prairie Underground Trunk Show in Sportswear

Come join us this Friday, July 25th from 1pm – 6pm for a Prairie Underground trunk show! Don’t miss representative Rebecca Tyni styling our special delivery here for this weekend only!

Wendy Foster Sportswear, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1505

Pas De Calais… new at Wendy Foster Montecito

Masculine meets Feminine


Wendy Foster Montecito, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1506

Viva La Fiesta…Abrazo Style at Wendy Foster Montecito

7.22.14-abrazoTake a look at the heart and soul of Abrazo Style… the beauty you love and whose families you help to sustain with the purchase of these products.

These talented people represent generations of master craftsmanship: women whose mothers and grandmothers have passed down their traditions of fine embroidery, master weavers whose fathers and grandfathers taught them to weave on back strap looms.

Some of these people we have met through reputation and many more we have met by chance in the markets or wandering the back roads of Chiapas and Oaxaca. It is our privilege to know them and to share their work with you.

Abrazo invites you to become a part of their on going story. When you wear a Abrazo Style product, you will be doing more than wearing something beautiful, you will be wearing a story…
Wendy Foster Montecito, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1506

Tunk Show at Wendy Foster Montecito – Friday and Saturday, July 25-26 from 11:00 to 5:00

7.21.14-PomellatoPlease join us at Wendy Foster Montecito for a very special Trunk Show featuring Pomellato from Italy. We love this new jewelry line and think you will too. This Friday and Saturday meet the representative Joel Ingwaldson with the latest collection.

Nudo…Pure lines. Light and colour.

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Wendy Foster Montecito, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecitoo CA (805) 565 1506

Happy Bastille Day at Wendy Foster…

4.14.14We are celebrating French Independence day with new vintage
French Farm Shirts from the French countryside.
We love these homespun linens with French red monograms.
Always love the classic Saint James Mariniere striped tees.

Vive la France!

Wendy Foster, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1506

Loving Summertime in our Current Elliott Boyfriend Jeans at Wendy Foster Montecito

7.10.14-current-elliott-3 Click image to enlarge:
Wendy Foster, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1506

What’s new at Wendy Foster Montecito… Mor Dotter knits

7.09.14-Mor-Dotte-1Mor Dotter was founded by Hanna Cousins in 2009 while she attended UC Santa Barbara where she studied fine art and fine surfers. After graduation Hanna fled to New York to immerse herself in the fashion community, find inspiration and to top that off, gain some hard knocks life experiences. It took almost two years for her to miss the sun and her creative outlet: fashion design. Once she got back home she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps to create a full-fledged clothing collection.
7.09.14-Mor-Dotte-2Hanna’s vision is heavily influenced by her mother, Suss Cousins, a pioneer in the knitwear world. In fact, Mor Dotter actually means mother-daughter in Swedish, which is a nod to the insanely tight bond Hanna has with her mother. She grew up in Suss’ store, selling yarn and one of a kind knitted pieces. She even taught knitting classes starting at the age of fourteen to younger girls eager to learn the craft.
7.09.14-Mor-Dotte-3Hanna is not only connected to her mother directly through sharing a passion for this craft, but feels connected and inspired to do this collection after living abroad in Sweden where she developed a deeper connection to her mother and her heritage. It’s a fusion of what she grew up surrounded by, and how that has translated to express her identity today.
The collection is all handcrafted and produced locally here in Los Angeles. Hanna’s collection strives to find the balance between edginess in shapes and textures.
Wendy Foster, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1506

Joie at Wendy Foster State

7.08.14-shoesThe JOIE aesthetic, “Casual, Comfortable and Luxurious.” Therefore, each piece that is designed encompasses a balance of these three key elements…one cannot exist without the other.

Joie Clothing has always been a Staple at Wendy Foster State, and we are positive the Joie Shoes will be the same! Visit or call for more information on these beauties!
Wendy Foster State, 833 State Street, Santa Brabra CA 93101 (805) 966 2276

The newest Sundry has been delivered at all our stores!

“These are clothes to live, travel, laugh and love”

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Wendy at the Piano Framed by Flowers from her Garden


Wendy Foster Buyers with Lucy Jordon from our New York Buying Office

6.23.14-lucy-jordan-buyersLucy is on the left and Wendy next to her on the sofa. Photo taken in Wendy’s living room.
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R & R Surplus at Wendy Foster Sportswear!

We can’t get enough of our new delivery of R & R Surplus in Sportswear! This cozy line is perfect for all of our summer travels or cozying up at home.
Wendy Foster Sportyswear, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1505

New Dosa at Wendy Foster State Street!



Visit us today to see the beautiful collection.
Wendy Foster State Street, Santa Barbarta CA 93101 805-699.2276

Wendy Foster Sportswear Small Trades Trunk Show June 7 from 11am to 7pm


Wendy Foster Sportswear, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1505

Open House at Wendy Foster Los Olivos Saturday June 7 from 1 to 4

Join us June 7th for an open house to welcome our new artist Karen Young and trunk show with local jewelry designer Rachel Kett of Hammered Hoops. We will have snacks and wine from 1-4 so come join the party! We will also be offering 30% off all jewelry sales from June 7th-June 15!

6.04.14-KAren-young-1-1Karen Young
Wendy Foster is excited to welcome local artist Karen Young! Her work will be showing from June 7th- September 12th. Please join us for an open house to celebrate Karen’s work Saturday June 7th 1-4pm. Karen Young, a transplant from Iowa, has settled into the most beautiful place on earth, the Santa Ynez Valley. Karen journeyed from the medical field into the land of art 15 years ago. She’s been fortunate to take many classes and workshops along the way with selective artists. Asian brush painting and watercolor are her passions. This series celebrates the relationship between classical music and her brush. These pieces have been inspired by favorite composers and musicians who have helped keep her company in her studio.

6.04.14-RK-3Rachel Kett of Hammered Hoops
Rachel’s unique style has grown over the last decade, evolving from early linen string necklaces and precious and semi-precious beadwork, to a recent vintage design style, using toe-clips and rhinestone buttons from as far back as the 20′s. Her current affair is with Hammered 14 & 18k gold and sterling silver. Rachel’s style features hand hammered gold and silver and a unique variety of precious and semi-precious stones. We absolutely love Rachel’s work and we know you will too!!

Eileen Fisher at Wendy Foster Sportswear


Come see the Latest Spring Arrivals!

Wendy Foster Sportswear, 516 San Ysidro Road CA 93108 (805) 565 1505

Nightcap at Wendy Foster State Street

5.22.14-Nightcap-Summer-2014Visit us for the amazing Spanish Lace Fan Pant and more must have pieces! 805-966-2276, 833 State Street, Santa Barbara CA 93101

Velvet at Wendy Foster Sportswear

5.20.14-velvetNew Velvet in Sportswear! Tees, tops and jackets for perfect for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend!
Wendy Foster Sportswear, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1503

The Effortlessly Stylish Loup Charmant from Brooklyn New York at Wendy Foster Montecito

5.06.14-loup-charmant-1As the temperature rises, leave it to the buyers at Wendy Foster Montecito to find something chic in which to beat the heat. The effortlessly stylish Loup Charmant from Brooklyn New York. Think breezy, sheer cotton voiles in subtle tones by Kee Edwards.
Growing up spending her summers on a small island off the coast of the Carolinas, Kee Edwards has been steeped in ocean life. She is drawn to beaches and savors the easy lifestyle of sun-soaked days on the sand and in the water. It was with this lifestyle in mind that she founded Loup Charmant, a collection of diaphanous, feminine pieces for everyday, all day wear. The brand name, meaning charming wolf, is a reference to Edwards’ own coming-of-age time living in France and evokes the sensuality and subtle flirtatiousness that is inherent to her brand.

5.06.14-loup-charmant-2Inspired by the fuss-free appeal of beach dressing, Edwards set out to offer that sensibility to women, year-round. The Loup Charmant story began in 2006 when Edwards discovered the heirloom quality fabric that allowed her to bring her vision to life. Each Loup Charmant piece has a timeless versatility. Intimates, including bralettes, camisoles, bloomers and slips provide the seasonless foundations of the line, as perfectly suited for bed and beach as they are for layering under the brand’s tops and dresses. The ready-to-wear is equally adaptable, packing up perfectly for a getaway, while just as easily styled for the city streets. Loup Charmant’s soft pastels are mixed with more saturated, but equally dreamy colors like dusty blues, sunset and desert colors, making the brand’s color palette as covetable as its silhouettes.

5.06.14-loup-charmant-3Edwards designs for women seeking a carefree, beautiful way of dressing for every moment of her life. A true lifestyle brand, Loup Charmant offers ethereal basics that allow freedom, set a mood and make women feel beautiful in their own skin, whether they’re on vacation or just want to feel that way.

5.06.14-loup-charmant-4 Wendy Foster, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1506

Father Hugo Trunk Show at Wendy Foster Montecito Friday and Saturday May 9th and 10th with Designer Jean Panelli

Come by and meet the designer of Father Hugo,
Jean Panelli 11am – 4pm both days

5.04.14-Father-Hugo-image-croppedAll of her designs are handcrafted with vintage pieces using time worn religious medals, African trade beads, semi-precious stones, chains, and leather.
All are naturally and beautifully aged.

Jean plans her travels around her favorite antique markets. She especially loves to scour French flea markets for only the best vintage medals to embellish her designs. Jean understands some of her loyal customers admire the beauty of the patina of these hand collected religious medals, while others have a deep connection to a particular saint or icon.
Join us for some Spring Inspiration at Wendy Foster Montecito!

Wendy Foster, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1506